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Meet the Family (Mike “Papa OT” & Jaden)

We are Mike and Jaden, father and son, driven by the same passion: the thrill of the hunt, the joy of the collection, and the infectious energy of sharing it all with like-minded folks.

Mike's lifelong love for sports and collectibles runs deep. It's a legacy passed down through sealed wax packs (treasured relics featuring icons like Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron), curated action figure collections (from Marvel's mightiest heroes to Power Rangers' legendary warriors), and even cherished holiday ornaments. It's a love woven into family vacations spent around the pool, packs in hand, and stories shared alongside the crackle of ripped cardboard.

Jaden, a Buckeye at heart, inherited this passion and built upon it. His competitive spirit found an outlet in Pokemon tournaments, where the trading card bug truly bit. Today, his expertise and enthusiasm fuel Overtime, his dream transformed into a vibrant streaming platform where generations connect over the excitement of high-end card breaks.

At Overtime, we're more than just a business. We're a family united by honesty, passion, and a commitment to sharing the magic of the hobby. Join us on our journey – pull up a chair, rip a pack, and let the good times roll.






Who are we?

Overtime Rips isn't just a business, it's a family affair. Started by a father, son, and a card-crazed friend, we've grown into a passionate team that shares the same love for collecting and ripping packs. We bring that contagious enthusiasm to every stream, offering you an upbeat, positive experience fueled by honesty and genuine passion for the hobby.

How did our name come to be?

Imagine the tension of a tied game going into overtime. That's the thrill we chase with every pack rip. We named ourselves "Overtime Rips" because it captures the excitement of pushing past the expected and finding hidden gems, together.

What’s our background?

We may come from diverse backgrounds – engineers, health care, business, teachers, and everything in between – but we're united by a shared love for sports and the magic of trading cards. This diverse perspective fuels our creative breaks and innovative ways to connect with our community.

How to join the team?

At Overtime Rips, we're always looking for talented individuals who share our core values of passion, integrity, and teamwork. While personality and getting along with everyone are crucial, remember, these are professional roles. Streamers, sleevers, shipping, social, and promotions all require hard work and dedication. If you see yourself in our family, reach out via overtimerips@gmail.com

Why do we love breaking cards?

Think of a break like a treasure hunt with friends. We crack open boxes and cases live, sharing the thrill of every pull, big or small. It's a chance to score amazing cards for your collection, connect with fellow fans, and experience the pure joy of the hobby.

What are some break basics?

  • Box Breaks: We dissect single boxes, each team or player usually available for purchase. Imagine a mystery box, but filled with potential rookie steals!
  • Case Breaks: Buckle up for a box bonanza! We open entire cases (usually 12-16 boxes), amplifying the excitement and your chances of landing gems.
  • Team Breaks: Choose your favorite team and reap the rewards of every card pulled representing them. Like getting a whole pack of jerseys, but way cooler!
  • Random Breaks: Feeling adventurous? Try your luck with random team or division. Who knows, you might just land the superstar you never expected!

How to join the fun?

Breaks happen regularly, so check our schedule or reach out! We're always happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions. Remember, at Overtime Rips, it's about the family, the fun, and the thrill of the hunt. Come join us and experience the magic of breaks!


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